since 1969.

Mission and vision

Vergalle Interieurs, as a family business, wishes to be a reliable partner for people and companies that love sustainable and functionally designed interior design.

Customer centric and supported by our values, we create a better day-to-day interior experience for all our customers with craftsmanship and passion. We want to become and remain the absolute reference within our sector.


Our strength


We think along with our client from design to realization.


Woodworking and customer satisfaction are our passion.


Pursuing perfection is a daily goal.


We are a partner for our team, customers, suppliers and peers.

The evolution of Vergalle Interieurs

Vergalle Interieurs LTD is a modern, progressive family business that was founded in 1969. The main activity quickly changed from joinery and carpentry to shop and interior design.


How it all started

On March 5, 1969, André Vergalle started at the age of 21 in a secondary occupation with the activity "general joinery and carpentry of buildings". It took seven years before this became a full-time one-man business. The amount of work constantly increased and the spacious 100 m² garage quickly became too small.



PLC André Vergalle

The first recruitments and the first expansion were necessary to be able to follow the growth of the company. This led to the creation of André Vergalle PLC on November 20, 1981 and the covering of its courtyard in such a way that the total surface area was 300m². In the space of four years, the company evolved so favorably that a larger location was once again required.



Vergalle continued to grow

On July 1, 1985 the workhouse and office moved to the Dries 69b in Nieuwerkerken (Aalst), with a built-up area of +/- 2500 m². The company then offered work to 5 employees and became more and more automated. The workforce grew rapidly and on 8 January 1988 the PLC was transformed into a bvba. 1991 was the year that the first CNC-controlled milling machine was purchased.



Vergalle Interieurs

As a result of the increasing customer and staff base, the adjacent company building was purchased. This brought the total area to 3300 m².


2006 - present day

How it is now

July 2006 marked the umpteenth enlargement in a row for Vergalle. The adjacent territory was built on 2000 m² and includes our new offices and an extension of the workshop. The machinery underwent further automation. We continue to innovate to this day.

Vergalle Interieurs has been in operation since January 2008 and André Vergalle's torch has been transferred to his daughter Sofie Vergalle and son-in-law Gino Colpaert. In 2019, the family entered into a partnership with Kurt Mortier to strengthen the management team.


Vergalle in numbers

Annual figures 2019

5300 m²

60 team members

570 realizations

540 customers

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